Sleep Questionnaire

Saraja Slaapcursus werkt samen met Vitaliteitsbrouwerij aan het verbeteren van slaap binnen organisaties.

Technip is één van de opdrachtgevers van Saraja Slaapcursus, i.s.m. Vitaliteitsbrouwerij

How nice that you will also participate in the Workshop 'Sleep Vitality' on Monday September 12th, organized by Vitaliteitsbrouwerij and your employer Technip. I hope that despite the limited time we can exchange a lot with each other. I will gladly provide you with tips and tricks for optimizing your night's sleep, so that you can complete your tasks during the day well rested and in a good mood. To make sure that your issues with sleep are also addressed, we have compiled a short questionnaire. Filling in will only take a few minutes.


Please answer the following questions with [yes] or [no] and fill in other requested information. If something does not apply to you, you can tick [no]. At the end of the questionnaire there is room to provide any specific questions you have about sleep.


Immediately after pressing the submit button, you will receive a message on your screen that your questionnaire has been sent successfully. If not, please check that you have filled in all required fields and submit again. If there are any problems during the form or during the shipment, you can contact us via the chat function.
I will do my best to also address your questions regarding sleep during the Workshop on Monday September 12th. The Workshop starts at 11.00 am, be on time! After the Workshop at 12.00 pm there is also a short extra opportunity to ask questions. 


Looking forward seeing you on September 12th!

Saraja Slaapcoach Margot Arts

Best regards,
Margot Arts

Let's start with the questionnaire!